Space- and cost-savings from SWEP AsyMatrix™ brazed plate heat exchangers

Jelly Fish delivers an efficient heat pump solution powered by SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers to a large hotel in São Paulo, Brazil

Innovative desalination technology

In recent decades, over-exploitation, pollution and climate change have led to severe water stress across the world. Desalination could help resolve this, but large-scale desalination technologies are energy intensive. Fresh Water Nature (FWN) is a clean-tech company specializing in green water treatment with a low-impact, low-carbon desalination technology called Cool Steam.

Biogas purification with liquified CO2 from heat exchangers

- Minimizing energy consumption through cryogenic distillation. French based VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ has been a pioneer in biogas purification since the first unit was developed in 2010. The company recently expanded its range of biogas valorization solutions to meet the diversity of uses and needs: BioCO2, BioLNG, and BioHydrogen. SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers have had multiple core functions in the liquefaction stages. 

Adapting for maximum efficiency, comfort and convenience in iconic London office building

100 Bishopsgate is one of the largest office buildings in the heart of London, providing nearly 11,000 square feet of flexible space across 37 floors. It was developed and is managed by Brookfield Properties on behalf of Brookfield Asset Management, one of the largest alternative asset managers in the world.


Plotter Racks use SWEP evaporators to create innovative CO2 cooling solutions for bread production

Bread is a culinary delight that wins the hearts of many Brazilians every day. In Brazil, bread is more than just a food, it is a huge part of the the culture. SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers in Plotter Racks installations use a CO2 solution to boost efficiency in the bread manufacturing process.

SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers provide a reliable, highly efficient solution for boilers

Terris Energy is specifically dedicated to the design and distribution of high-quality heating solutions for collective housing, tertiary, and commercial premises. Terris Energy has been working with SWEP for over 5 years with their T-EASY solutions that provide optimized performance for boiler applications. 

SWEPs brazed plate heat exchangers help provide an efficient cooling solution for the largest aquarium in Latin America

The largest aquarium in Latin America is home to some species that are not native to the region. SWEP and Transcalor teamed up to supply the necessary cold water solution to ensure the comfort of these species.

Aircel air dryers show their full potential with ADWIS

With 100,000 units sold at the beginning of 2015, SWEP's range ADWIS (Air Dryer With Integrated Separator) is now quickly becoming the market standard within several industrial applications. A successful combination of research and thorough knowledge of market demands, this solution solves a common problem without compromising compactness or efficiency.

Brazed plate heat exchanger condenser provides cooling solution upgrade for hospital

An existing S&T condenser was successfully replaced with one of our much smaller brazed plate heat exchanger models and managed to outperform the older, larger technology easily.

EcoDataCenter sets high standard for sustainability

Data storage is one of the world's fastest growing businesses as cloud storage becomes commonplace. Processing data consumes a great deal of energy and produces a lot of heat, so large scale data centres need powerful and reliable cooling to ensure optimum running of their IT equipment.

Refriac chillers equipped with SWEP evaporators provide ice skating fun year-round in Brazil!

SWEP’s range of high-performance evaporators provides a strong heat transfer solution for Refriac chillers to help maintain the perfect ice rink conditions all year. 

Mayekawa's Propane Chiller paired with SWEP evaporators deliver sustainable solutions for AC applications

SWEP's range of brazed plate heat exchangers provide the perfect evaporator solution for Mayekawa's Propane Chiller, creating a high level of efficiency in Air Conditioning applications and utilizing natural refrigerants in the process.