SWEP expands its successful 250AS range

SWEP widens the application reach of the 250AS product family!

The 250AS range, which is aimed for high efficiency reversible chiller and heat pump applications, is now extended with yet another single circuit evaporator.  The all new V250AS targets reversible chillers applications with higher temperature approach.

SWEP’s 250AS range was launched in 2016 and is still the leading technology in its class, covering an operating range from 80 to 250 kW. The range, which also includes the F250AS and P250AS evaporators and the B250AS condenser, is specially developed for high efficiency air-or-water-cooled reversible chiller and heat pump applications.

The large ports combined with the AsyMatrix® plate pattern improves heat transfer while decreasing water pressure drop and refrigerant charge. The range can be used with a majority of the current high-pressure refrigerants. With the added V250AS, the application reach becomes even greater.  This new BPHE (brazed plate heat exchanger) is an excellent choice for medium to low efficiency applications where the pressure-drop over the distribution device needs to be low.

Visit the V250AS Product page to learn more and download product sheets.