SWEP launches innovative solution for Transcritical Refrigeration Systems

The global demand for natural refrigerants such as CO2 is increasing. To become more competitive in the range of transcritical refrigeration systems, we are now offering the new SWEP B285H, targeting applications with single-phase fluids, high heat loads and demanding pressure requirements. This is the first product launched in our B285 family.

New plate pattern design for high heat load

The SWEP B285 family will strategically complete the existing product portfolio featuring transcritical refrigeration systems including the B4T, B18, and B185. This extended product portfolio will enchance our offering to applications requiring a larger gas-cooler.

SWEP B285H has a new plate pattern optimized for high heat load capacities - up to 550 kW as a gas cooler, and for a flow capacity above 50m³/h. Its compact yet lightweight design makes a perfect solution for high customer demands in applications such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, heat recovery, but also for heat pumps.

By applying B285H in a system, the large capacity range yet compact size supports a reduced footprint and lower cost of ownership. It also enables all the benefits of using natural refrigerant CO2.

New double plate technology for ultra-high pressure

The SWEP B285H is once again proof of SWEP living its commitment to innovate new technologies delivering energy efficient heat transfer. By introducing the new double plate technology withstanding up to 140 bar pressure requirements, customers using natural refrigerant CO2, will get all the benefits of a frameless solution that uses less material all while withstanding ultra-high working pressures.

Together towards a sustainability future

The lifetime carbon footprint of our customers’ overall systems is far greater than that of the heat exchanger components alone, and we invest in innovation to deliver products that supports our customers sustainability aspirations. . Our design decisions of SWEP B285H demonstrates our commitment to meet customers’ demands for product solutions that support the transition to environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Solutions for refrigeration

Natural refrigerants

SWEP supplies brazed plate heat exchangers for a range of applications including chillers for air conditioning systems and for supermarket refrigeration. Now though, industry is undergoing a major technology shift, with synthetic refrigerants being replaced with new environmentally friendly natural refrigerants as part of the drive to reduce global warming impact. More about how we work with natural refrigerants you find here.