SWEP provides efficient water heating for Ecogetec system in large resort located in south part of Brazil

Summer in Brazil comes together with scholar vacation. Nothing better than travelling with your family to a huge resort in the middle of nature, with a guarantee of hot water in the swimming pools 24/7.

Ecogetec had the challenge to heat more than 2.000.000 liters of water of Tayaya resort. This resort is located in Parana – south region of Brazil – and it is cold most part of the year, between 14°C and 22°C. In order to have a more efficient and less expensive solution, Ecogetec chose SWEP B120Tx50, B85x30 and B85x50 totalizing 28 brazed plate exchangers to provide 2.400 kW of heating for these pools.

Heat exchangers for swimmingpools

Ecogetec - producer of water heating solutions

Ecogetec is a long-time customer of SWEP with almost 10 years of partnership, and almost 400MW of installed power. Ecogetec leads the market for residential heating with their technology, mostly for resorts, water parks and big hotels. Compared to gas systems, Ecogetec boilers can save up to 80% of expenses for the end user.

Heat exchangers for swimmingpools

SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers installed onsite to provide the necessary heating

Highly efficient brazed plate heat exchanger

SWEP 85/120T range offers high efficiency combined with low maintenance cost, low carbon footprint, compactness and easy installation, saving space and time for installation.