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SWEP releases SSP G8 software with an intuitive new user interface!

SWEP has just released SSP G8, the latest version of the SSP (SWEP Software Package) selection software with a new user interface. 

One of the updated features of the software – apart from the brand-new design - is the home menu which also serves as an information portal that can help enhance the user experience by giving instant access to important data.

SSP is SWEP’s unique world-leading software developed for advanced heat exchange calculations. The software handles both single-phase and two-phase calculations including condenser, evaporator and cascade. SSP also contains application specific calculation methods such as air dryer calculations and two-stage setups in district energy applications. Simply provide the input data, and SSP immediately presents the product concept that best meets your needs.  

SSP G8 is the desktop version that is installed directly on your computer. It is developed for demanding calculations and, because of its intuitive user interface, has become an effective selection tool for engineers throughout the world. It is available in several different languages and is based on SWEP’s extensive knowledge of heat exchanger technology. SSP G8 replaces the former version, SSP G7, but the same license can be used for both platforms. In addition to the new interface features, SSP G8 also contains a combined calculation window for both two stack and single stack models. This enhances selections where both thermal length and pressure drop is of utmost importance. 

Notable key features of the new SSP G8 software release are:

  • Application specific selection templates
  • Dual evaporator calculations with uneven load is now possible
  • User-friendly side menu that contains tools, product baskets, and settings
  • Information regarding the most common applications is available through the software
  • Product portfolio by size is presented per range and is linked directly to the product site on www.swep.net
  • SWEP News articles are shown with the option of linking to the full article on our website
  • Case Stories can be read using the software
  • Calculation windows and templates can be saved as ‘Favorites’ for easier access
  • Easy access to download product sheets for all BPHE models

Experience this innovative software for yourself by installing SSP G8 today!