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SWEP China participates in ''Low Carbon Life: We are together'' activity

On Thursday, June 14th, the SWEP China Sales Team took part in a very important event that was held at the Jincheng neighborhood center, located at Suzhou Industrial Park, China

This social community activity allowed the SWEP China team to combine team building and CSR (Corporate-Social-Responsibility) together. With the support of the local social community and Non-profit organizations, awareness of a low carbon lifestyle and being environmentally friendly were points that were stressed during the event.


Mini Competition held

A competition was held during the event as well. The participants were divided into several teams and were then required to finish a series of missions all related to environmental friendly concepts and ideas.  They had to interact with passerby to highlight awareness of the environmentally positive ideas they were promoting in order to finish the mission.

Educating on the importance of garbage classification & recycling


Promotion of using Green shopping bags over plastic bags 


Encourage traveling by bike as a low-carbon way of travel



The happenings around the event were shared live on 'We Chat



Congrats to the winning team!


The winning team, on behalf of SWEP, donated the winning money to non-profit organizations so they could purchase equipment to support the development of environmental protection. We believe that the power of environmental awareness and protection is accumulated through small, but sustained behaviors.  SWEP is committed to continuing to do their part in this endeavor around the world!