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SWEP introduces the B649

The B649 - Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger for District Energy and Industrial applications

On March 27, at the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort exhibition in Milan, SWEP introduces B649, a one-phase brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) for District Energy and Industrial applications.

The giant B649 with its DN150 ports is developed for high-capacities and operates with a close temperature approach at high operating pressures, up to 25 bar.

In district heating networks, the B649 is used as a pressure breaker between the plant and the residential and industrial buildings. In a District Cooling network, it is typically used in substations to link up cool water from the district cooling plant to urban buildings. The B649 is also developed for use in various industrial process cooling and heating applications.

Says Shwan Lamei, Segment Manager District Energy, and responsible for the B649 launch: “With B649, SWEP steps into the arena of the largest District Heating and District Cooling applications. These large installations are today dominated by shell and tube and gasket-type heat exchangers due to the historic size limitation of BPHEs. With B649, the conversion to BPHEs is facilitated for the largest capacities. The unit provides the same capacities as those of older technologies, but is much more compact, which saves money on space and transportation. Also, as it doesn’t have any gaskets, so the wear and tear of parts is minimal. This brings the same superior life cycle cost that we have previously offered for our smaller units”.


Shwan Lamei
Segment Manager District Energy
+46 733 22 43 32